Today could have been my last

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I am not trying to be overly dramatic

Today, as any day has the potential to, could have gone very differently.

It did however solidify my belief that Faith, whatever it means to you, is more important than proof.

The knowing, without knowing how.  The belief in what we cannot see.  The feelings in our bones that says PAY ATTENTION, these things cannot be explained, they cannot be proven.

They can however be trusted, if we but let go of our fear of needing to see it first. Allowing the knowing to be the guide.

As I drove home this morning to visit my family for the holidays, my car hydroplaned from the far left lane of the freeway, across 4 lanes of traffic, to the far right shoulder.

From the left lane, I made a complete 360 degree spin, fishtailed, and finally came to a stop parallel to the guardrail, facing forward and entirely safe within the shoulder.

I came to a stop and felt very little adrenaline pumping, I cannot remember feeling more stillness in my life.  I saw the guardrail in my rearview mirror looking banged up and my immediate thought was “am I stuck on the side of the Altamont pass over an hour from home?”

I sat for a few moments, watching cars and big rigs fly past my window, just trying to breath and figure out what I needed to do next.

It didn’t even occur to me that my car may still run.

Come to find out, it did.

I was able to drive to the next exit and as I got out to look at the damage, I found that there was none.

Not. A. Single. Scratch.

I remember the feeling of the spin, the fishtail, and I could SWEAR I remember skidding across the metal standing between me and going over the huge drop it protected me from.

But by some miracle, I never touched the rail or another car.

I simply spun.

Right before this happened, I was listening to a podcast about making 2017 great.

I was thinking to myself about all the amazing opportunities I have set myself up for in the upcoming year, and what an incredible vision I have for the year, for myself and for the people I am here to support.

For some time now, I have known that I am here on this Earth for a purpose, and I have known that this next year is but the start on my journey.

I have known with more certainty that I can explain even without any proof.

Today could have changed all of that.

I could have hit any number of cars, I could have been hit in my attempts to become safe, I could have not made it.

But then, how would I accomplish all that I have to accomplish in this life?

How could this incredible future I see, ever come true?

How could I touch all the lives I am here on this path to touch?

Today was a miracle.

Today was also a sign for me.

Still not proof that this thing I know is real, but it has solidified my trust in my future.

What do you KNOW about your life?

Have you ever tried to excuse something away that  by telling yourself it’s just a pipe dream?

Is there anywhere in your life where the need for proof is holding you back from something bigger?

Is there anywhere in your life where a little faith or a little belief might push you toward something more?

Every moment is a chance to begin again, to make another choice.

To love. To forgive. To move on.

To Be.

Please. Choose now.

You may not have another chance.




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