To Err is human…

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Mistakes. Flubs. Errors.  Bad choices.

We all make them.

Some are small and easily fixed.

Some are much larger and require time to rectify or even figure out how to correct them.

The question is, how long do we allow the mistake, error, etc. to be a part of our minds?How long do we hold on to the embarrassment/shame/worry/*insert emotion here* that has come up because of something we have done or said in error?

Sometimes we roll our tongue, shake it off and get right back to what we were doing with a smile on our face and a laugh at ourselves.

Sometimes this is not so simple.

Either way, we have a choice.

We can actually CHOOSE how to respond to these situations if we become aware and stop letting our emotions run the show.

Emotional responses are natural when we mess up, especially when we connect our worth or value to our skills.  When this is the case, even the most minor of mistakes can have catastrophic effects on our minds and our hearts.

But just because emotions occur, doesn’t mean we have to react from that place.

Sure, I know, easier said than done right?

It is much easier to react from a place of fear/worry/embarrassment by trying to cover our mistake or play it off as nothing major, even though in our heads we’re freaking out and worrying about a million different things that could happen now.

As humans, we have a tendency to ruminate.  To replay scenarios and even create what if’s that drive us nutty for hours and days and weeks.

Should I have said that?  **Followed by hours of worrying and making up what will play out after whatever it is that we said.

What will they think if I mess up on the job?

Will I be fired?

Will he/she break up with me?

Will I ever recover from this embarrassment?

But what if we stopped and took a breath?

What if we stopped and decided how we wanted to show up after we screwed up?

How differently could we act if we decided to own up to what happened and then let it go?

How often do our worst fears come to pass anyway?

How much better have we felt when we have diffused a mistake by owning up and letting it go, rather than ruminating about ALL the possible outcomes?

Chances are, very few people see our flubs and think they are as big as we do.

(Mostly because no one thinks about us as much as we think about ourselves)

Even when we do screw up monumentally, trying to gloss over or hide or bury it causes MORE problems than when we own up.

Accidents happen.  Mistakes happen.

As Alexander Pope says:

To err is human, to forgive divine definition.

What might your life look like if you gave yourself a little more forgiveness?

A little more kindness and room to mess up?

New beginnings are a time of messing up and learning, but even after that point, even the most seasoned of people, are still human.

Mistakes and errors are a part of life.  This is a fact, unfortunately. We had better all get used to it.

The lesson is in learning how to recover and learn.

How to move forward in an empowered way rather than in self-defeat.

How to receive the lesson and release the emotion we have attached to the situation.

The lesson will grow, and the negative emotions with it if we allow them to continue forward.

How long do you want to worry?

Ask yourself this question the next time you mess up.

Let me know how that shifts your new reality.




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