Thoughts and Feelings and Emotions, Oh My!

This past weekend was beautifully and terrifyingly life changing for me.

After spending a weekend training with future life coaches, I am so full of inspirations and things I want to share with you my friend, I just don’t even know where to begin.

So let me start here, at the crux of a life coaches focus and perhaps one of the largest misconceptions we as humans carry around on a day to day basis.

“We have thoughts, feelings and emotions, but we are not our thoughts, feelings and emotions.”

~ Frances Vaughn

Every day we say things that reenforce the former notion.  “I am sad” “I am happy” “I am exhausted” “I am…” “I am…” I AM.”

And yes, it is very true that you may be EXPERIENCING sadness, happiness, feelings of doubt or exhuberence, etc. etc., however they are not the embodiment of who we are just because we are experiencing them in the moment. The entire day you do not define yourself as these things, so why let these things drive your whole day?

Because we are conscious beings, we can train ourselves to be AWARE of the thought/feeling/emotion and we get to choose non-judgmentally how to respond.

Easier said then done, yes. I will certainly agree with you there. I’m sure you have noticed by now that I don’t provide the easy answers.

However, once we become aware we can not only remove the judgement (good/bad, positive/negative, right/wrong), which perpetuates the spiral of emotion we may travel down, but we can choose to figure out the root of why it is coming up for us and then decide how to proceed.

They can become all consuming, ruining every moment of the day as it passes us by, or it can be a reminder that something is off or disconnected, or maybe it is just something that is an annoyance it can be let go.


Every moment is a fresh chance to take control of how we present ourselves rather than allowing our presence to be controlled for us by the fears that drive our thoughts/feelings/emotions.

As with many things I bring to you, this is a practice. Something that takes time to add to the day.

We spend so much of our lives running on autopilot (a topic for another day), that becoming awake and aware is often first done in short momentary bursts.

Slowly however, one burst becomes two, which becomes a minute, which becomes five and so on and so forth, until slowly we awaken to a life full of awareness we never knew was waiting.

The next time you find yourself falling down the rabbit hole of a thought or emotion, try and take a breath, and question it.

Why are you here?

Do I need to let you stick around?

Try it on for size and see how it fits and tell me how it feels to be aware and truly awake.



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