Success at Your Fingertips

mountains-nature-sky-sunnySometimes the only way to get past the obstacles we face in life is to just go right on through it.

No detours, no side steps, no U-turns.

Just forward.

Times like this, it doesn’t matter if you take a thousand baby steps, or one step forward and two more back, as long as you keep moving despite the challenges, you will succeed. As long as you do not quit, success is the only option for you.

Beginning my coaching career has taught me so many valuable lessons already (you had better believe that I learn from each and every one of my clients).

Everyone has stories. These stories are often hard to shake and very fear inspired, their purpose is actually to protect us, however, when we get caught up with the stories in our head it is often easy to isolate and think “no one has ever been through this before, I’m all alone.”

The story may continue to tell us that there is no solution, or the solution is too much, requiring action items A-Z and sub-bullets underneath.

And while it is true, your experience is unique to you, many people have made it through similar situations and they have SURVIVED.  Often even THRIVED!

So how did they do it? And better yet, what is holding us back from the same success?

Let me present you with this reminder from Confucius.

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.”
Confucius, Confucius: The Analects

This, my friends, is the constant reminder we need to keep on going.

When we break down situations into smaller chunks, suddenly the issue is not so scary.

It is much easier to commit to one simple task at a time instead of trying to take on everything.

The more we take on, the easier it is to find faults, to judge ourselves and to tell ourselves we might as well quit because we have already failed.

But what if we tried to just pick up one small stone a day?  Tomorrow we pick up another, and the following day, maybe we feel ready to take two stones.

These small actions compound over time and before we know it, the obstacle/ problem/situation is no longer in the way.

It wasn’t as scary as it appeared.  One small stone weighs much less than a mountain after all.

Take a look at your own life right now.  Where are you trying to do too much at once? Where is the voice in your head nagging you the loudest? What types of situations do you face regularly, but always seem to quit in the middle?

Continuing to push forward, to take one day, one step, one breath at a time, gives you an endless amount of chances to make breakthroughs and to avoid becoming stuck.

Never stop questioning.

Never stop pushing forward.

The world is waiting if we can just shift the way we look at each and every moment.

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