Redefining Life’s Ups and Downs


Life is full of highs and lows.

Comings and goings.

Light and dark.

Often we find ourselves swinging from one side of the pendulum to the other, experiencing the highest of highs only to be brought down by the lowest of lows.

As we experience one side of the spectrum, we look back and wonder how we got here after being in such a different space not long ago.

The ups and downs are a part of life and the shift from one side to another is not only natural, it’s universally determined.

We hear most about the Universal Law of Attraction, and while this is an extremely powerful law, it is not the ONLY law of the universe.

This other law I’m talking about is called the Law of Cycles and Rhythms.  Everything in existence is subject to the rise and fall, the advance and retreat, the expanding and contracting. Knowing this, we can learn to use it to our advantage rather than be used by it, as so many of us are.  Not knowing there is any other way.

This law is most obvious in the existence of Night and Day.  Light and Dark.  High Tide and Low Tide.  Both must exist in order for life to continue, they are the natural cycles and rhythms of the day.

Difficulty in our life appears when there is tension between the two sides.  When there is a struggle between one side and the other.  When we fear one side and idolize the other. When we see one side as “good” and one side as “bad.” When we try to fully experience one side and fight the coming of the other.

Just like we cannot fear the night for love of the daytime, we cannot fight the ups and downs of life, we can, however, learn to live and love all aspects of life.

We can also recreate our relationships with all ends of the spectrum and pay attention to the shifts to help us prepare. Just like we brush our teeth before bed, we can learn to change our reactions to the cycles in our own lives.

What kinds of patterns to you experience?

Are you optimistic and motivated, working toward your goals for a few weeks and then find yourself crashing on the couch for entire weekends?

Do you go to the gym diligently and then go on vacation and have a hard time returning to your old routine?

Do you find yourself sometimes with an overflow of cash and then suddenly spending it all before you had time to think about it?

There are relationships here that need to be reconsidered.  Relationships with lack/scarcity versus abundance. Relationships with how you manage your energy, the all or nothing mentality. Relationships with self-care versus feeling selfish.

It’s the awareness of your spectrum that matters.  Figuring out where you’re at because rarely are we at one extreme or another, that just tends to become the point where we are shaken to our core and need to make a change.

When we begin to pay attention to our patterns, rather than being run by them, we can shift our pendulum swing and come back into harmony.  We can even begin redefining those relationships.

Maybe instead of living in a scarcity mindset, we want to focus on the abundance we have all around us.  Maybe we want to become more consistent with our self-care so we don’t crash and burn so often.

Think about it, where are you experiencing extremes and patterns?  How would you like them to be expressed instead?

Become aware, start making incremental shifts, and see how your mind and emotions begin to change as well.



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