Please remove these words from your vocabulary


This post has been a long time coming.

It has been rumbling around in my head waiting to come out for quite some time, so please bare with me as this may come out as a bit of a rant that I hope will spark some conversation.

While there are many, many words I wish no longer existed, today I’d like to specifically talk about a few words that are often used flippantly without thought of the power they hold.

Those words are crazy, psycho, emotional, overly-sensitive and many variations used in the similar fashion.

These words are more often than not directed towards women and usually women who are dealing with emotions in ways that someone else doesn’t understand.

Instead of trying to understand someone’s emotional reaction, they are often labeled as being crazy, over reactive, psycho.

You’ve probably heard these words thrown around casually before, or maybe you even said them without meaning anything by these words.

The truth, however, is that these words not only cut deep, but often echo through the mind for far longer than one might expect.

You see, we do not all experience situations the same way, we do not all react to situations the same way, and we do not all feel or express our feelings in the same ways.

So why is there some imaginary line of how much expression is appropriate? As soon as that line is crossed, flippant words suddenly become acceptable, no matter the damaged caused?

Crazy is a word that refers to a mentally deranged person- according to Merriam Webster dictionary.

Now imagine someone who deals with mental illness on a regular basis.  Imagine that person being up in their head so often that they have lost the ability to self describe/validate/ or support.

To someone who fights with insecurity on a regular basis, who often doesn’t understand their own emotions, and  experiences highs and lows some cannot even fathom- the repercussions of a flippant word such as psycho or crazy takes on a whole new meaning.

To see the hurt caused and to feel it myself, I can’t stand to let this go under the radar.

I can’t stand to let people continue to throw words out with no idea the deeper meaning.

This is 2016 and we as a society have so little understanding or care for the words we use.

It’s time that we stop throwing around words simply because we do not understand the differences in others.

It’s time we start to take time and understand without making snap judgments and speaking the first thing that comes to our minds.

We are too connected, our words reach too far.


So please, remove some words from your vocabulary.

Make some changes to the way you speak.

You may never know how powerful your words can be until they are turned towards you.

Remember the golden rule.  Do unto others.


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