Quick Reminder -

You Are Enough. 

In case you forgot, or the world has tried to convince you that it isn't true, keep this reminder with you.

If you're ready to make a change in your life, but perhaps you aren't quite sure how, you're in the right place!

Discover the formula for freeing yourself from: 

Self-criticism, self-judgement & comparison 

In case you weren't aware, you're human, which carries a lot of meaning (most of it made up).

Have you ever found yourself walking down the street or scrolling through social media and comparing yourself to EVERYONE you come across?

Or judged yourself critically because of where you “Should” be in life?

Or maybe you have that little voice in your head that speaks so harshly to you with words that you would NEVER use with anyone else?

Do any of these sound like you?


Afraid of what others will think


Still wondering what you’re going to do when you “grow up” and fearing you’ve already missed the boat on getting it together

My friend, you are in the right place, and you are NOT alone.

We live in a world that is built on false images turned into ultimate #goals #bodygoals #couplegoals and our own personal PR machines to spin and fake our way into looking “perfect” when in reality, we’re ALL just trying to figure “it” out as we go along.

We all experience comparison, doubt, fear, embarrassment.

AND we all experience Hope and Joy and Courage and Laughter.

The strange thing is, many of us are spending so much time trying to craft the perfect image we’re forgetting what or why we’re living our lives in the first place.

And this is where Human Happens was born.

Human Happens is all about embracing the beautiful, messy, chaotic, “thing” we call life and learning to really and truly appreciate ourselves along the way.

I want to welcome you to Human Happens and invite you to learn more about how you can embrace your messiness, and imagine what would be possible if you weren’t so damn hard on yourself all the time.

How would life feel if you freed yourself (and believe me, this is something ONLY YOU can do for yourself, no one else) from the weight of comparison, judgment, criticism, and dare I say self-loathing?  The freedom to be you, to share what’s REALLY going on for you?

Stick around to find out more about how to CREATE that freedom for yourself, it’s possible my friend. Freedom is just around the corner.

Much Love

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