On a personal note…


I don’t have any lesson or practices for you tonight, I just have my heart.

I have no wise words of wisdom, I just have a story.

If no one were to read this post, that would be just as wonderful as if the world saw my words tonight.

Because this one is for me.

I spent the most amazing weekend amongst my coaching peers, learning from each other and learning from our instructors.

The weekend was the second of two live training sessions for my certification program, and while I learned a ton about coaching, I learned even more about myself.  You see, the truly beautiful thing about being a coach is learning to walk my talk.

You see, the truly beautiful thing about being a coach is learning to walk my talk.  How can I coach you if I have not walked through the fire myself?

There are so many reasons I was drawn to coaching, and especially to authenticity and purpose coaching, and most of that stems from my journey fighting my own authentic self and my own true purpose.

Over the years, I have continually hidden from who I am behind walls of trying to be who I thought the world wanted me to be. I have stepped into jobs I didn’t really want, relationships that weren’t the best for me, but most of all, I have stopped connecting with myself and therefore others.

Then the most amazing thing happened this weekend.  My guides told me to release and surrender to make the most of the weekend, and I DID!

I let myself be free, I allowed myself to trust the process and trust my peers, most of all to trust MYSELF.  Once I allowed myself to be truly open, I realized all the love and connection I have been craving actually been around me all along, I was just wearing a blindfold. I was unable to see it all.

I have described coming out of depression like learning to see in color again, but I realize now that my journey from depression was learning to see shapes where once there was only fog.  Learning to see myself is like learning to see color for the first time.

My first reaction was to cry. How beautiful this world is that I have been stumbling through for so long. These were tears of sadness. Sad because I had been missing out. I realize, however, that I have not been missing anything. I have just been walking my journey awaiting the right moment to emerge.

Personally, I do not believe the Universe brings us things until we are ready for them. I was not ready for the brilliance this life has to offer me. I was not then, but now it is time to take back control, take back connection and take back love.

All this and more is possible when we have the courage to take a step in the direction of change.  The unknown is scary, there is no doubt there, but the possibilities that await are more than you can ever imagine. That I promise you.

That I promise you.

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