Morning Reminder- 7/9/16

As you go through the day today, ponder these words by Havelock Ellis.

“The art of living lies in a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”

Learning this balance these two concepts provides us both freedom and peace of mind. When we can learn to hold on to those things worth holding on to, and let go of the things that no longer serve us, our lives become much more simple.

As we begin to let go of things and people and projects we may feel some distress and often guilt.  These uncomfortable feelings are part of the natural order, it is normal.  Learn to sit with the discomfort and then let it go likes leaves floating down a stream or clouds passing across the sky.

Guilt is one more thing that does not serve us.

Begin to recognize the people and things and moments that bring great joy.  Does your morning coffee in the silence of the early morning start your day off right? Or does it provide you time to worry and stress about the upcoming day?  Do you listen to the news while driving to work, and walk into the office feeling anger or sadness at the current events? Try listening to your favorite uplifting songs instead.

Connect to your emotions, your reactions and your feelings.  Decide, does this put me in a place of peace or a place of upset?  How can I shift this state of being?

Become conscious and present more often than not.  Bring purpose to your actions and feelings.  Decide “do I hold on, or let this one go.”

Enjoy some peace today.



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