Mirror Mirror on the Wall


When was the last time you looked in the mirror to actually SEE yourself?

I’m not talking about a quick catch of your reflection as you walk past or a peak in the morning to point out your flaws, suck in your stomach or pick at your face, I mean really SEEING yourself.

Looking into your own eyes and seeing the magnificent person that is you.

Have you ever looked into the mirror, made eye contact with yourself and said “I love you” to yourself?

Have you said it and really meant it?

This may sound really out there to you and yet if I challenged you to do so right now, my guess is that you would find it to be much more difficult than you expect.

Why is that?

To begin with, many of us are living our lives craving outward validation of our worth and value.  We hope that by someone else telling us we are enough that we will be able to believe it, implying that we do not often see our own value.

So when we look in the mirror and try to say those words, it’s painful, it’s difficult and it feels wrong.

It can even be hard just to look ourselves in the face without judging ourselves, let alone trying to say those three incredibly powerful words with conviction.

Another reason is because we live in a world that is so BUSY all the time.  We rarely stop and take a breath let alone sit down and really connect with ourself.

We spend so much time running from and covering up what is going on in our internal world, that stopping to be with ourselves for a moment can feel really bizarre and can bring painful feelings to the surface.

What do they say about eyes after all?  They’re the gateway to the Soul.

Something really amazing can happen when we start practicing speaking kind loving words to ourselves, we begin to realize they are true!

And when we realize they are true, we start seeing ourselves and our world so much differently that it is noticeable.

Not to mention the fact that when we love ourselves, we call in more love.

We call in more love simply by being able to see more of it.  Once we see and feel how incredible it is to love ourself, we can’t help but surround ourselves with more of it.

Love is the gift that keeps on giving.

Going back to this “little” exercise of looking in the mirror, I really challenge you to go try it.

(I can hear the echo of “Challenge Accepted” rolling around in your head. Even if you think this is silly, try it because I challenged you and you can’t turn me down, right?)

This is a practice that takes time to work up to for some of us and that is perfectly all right.

For others, this can take a few tries.  Sometimes all you can manage to do is look at yourself without judgement the first few times, the words may be too difficult, and that is perfect as well.

Where ever you’re at, it’s all just information.  Information that helps you gauge where you are in your relationship with yourself right now.

The point is to come to a place of loving approval and acceptance with yourself so that each time you look in the mirror you automatically tell yourself how in love you are.  Not in a conceited, full-of-yourself kind of way, but in a way that acknowledges the amazing person you are.

And you are an amazing person!

Go ahead and give it a try.  Look in the mirror, look right into those beautiful eyes of yours, say “I love you” and repeat as many times as needed until you BELIEVE it! Until it feels true for you.

Then sit back and watch how the world changes for you.

Want to take these changes deeper?  Contact me directly for more information about how you can transform your life from the inside out!





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  1. Adya on September 28, 2017 at 3:27 am

    This is fascinating

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