In itself, just one small word, but in meaning, in purpose and in practice, this is one humungous word that has the ability to transform any given moment.

I think Anthony Robbins expressed this concept so beautifully:

“When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears”

When we are grateful, we have everything we could possibly need.

We find all the love the world can possess.  We find all the wealth we could ever need.  We find out strength, our courage and our creativity, even if just in little moments.

We find forgiveness. For ourselves, our loved ones, those we may have lost and found again.

Gratitude gives us a way to move forward and away from pain and suffering, to leave fear behind by showing us what we have to gain when we leave it behind.  When we embrace the things we are grateful for, there is no room for hate or anger.  Our lives become whole, they become uniquely our own, not dictated by anyone else.

It is often easy to think about all of the things we lack.  Not enough money to do the things we want to. Not enough time to spend relaxing. Not enough of X, of  Y or of Z.

Gratitude however, is the light in the dark.

When we take the time to appreciate the things we DO have, it is truly amazing how our lives can shift.

Gratitude, like many other great things in life, is a practice, we must learn to look for the positive and stop focusing on the negative. We are genetically programmed to look for the negative, to protect ourselves from the things that have hurt us, but we can change this with time.

Even just writing down one thing we are grateful for each day, begins to train the mind to look away from lack and toward abundance.  Each day making it easier and easier to see how much we have.

Today, I am grateful for forgiveness, for a healthy body, and a positive attitude.

What are you grateful for today?

I challenge you to write down one thing a day, and watch how your mind begins to shift. Maybe try two tomorrow and the day after, you may be surprised how much easier it is to think of more.

Much Love.


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