Follow Up: 3 Words to add into your Vocabulary


My last post Please remove these words from your vocabulary was a bit of a rant about some words we use far too frequently without thinking about the implications or the damage we may cause others.

As a result, I asked for some words to be removed from your vocabulary: crazy, emotional, psycho.

It seems only fair that I suggest a few words to use instead.

While I do have some in mind, I will not be providing words to communicate the same ideas, rather a few words I suggest contemplation upon.

The previous words were to describe outward situations and people that were hard to understand and comprehend without actually experiencing the emotions yourself.  So we sometimes choose to use the flippant words that can cause deep, unseen damage to those these words are directed toward rather than trying to understand.

What I am promoting instead are a list of words to help you turn inward. To ask for greater self understanding as this usually has the added bonus of inspiring greater understanding for the world and people around you.

This list is short, and I can- and probably will- write an entire post on the meaning and importance of each words, but for now here is the short and sweet reason I find these words so important.

  • Authentic
  • Integrity
  • Purpose


Authentic and Authenticity make the top of my list here because I believe all words spoken and actions taken should align with the authentic you.

By learning what it means to be authentically you, the need to say, do or be anyone other than your truest you disappears.

By learning what it means to be authentically you, indecision can disappear.  All you need to do is ask yourself “does this action/word/emotion support who I am?” if yes, go for it, if not, it’s time to rethink.


Have you ever done or said something that immediately felt off or wrong to you?  This probably means you were out of integrity with yourself.

Whatever was said or spoken did not align with the truest most authentic part of yourself and so you did not feel connected or “right”.

By staying aligned to the integrity of who you are, again, decisions become easy, actions feel right, and words only flow through peace with your inner self.

Learning to be authentic and sticking to that is integrity, it’s honesty and it’s a path of loving kindness.


Why am I here?  The answer to this inward question is your Purpose.  Finding our purpose in life is the journey toward a fulfilling and passionate life.

I believe we all have a purpose, but we do not all find out what that purpose really is.

By asking inward questions of who we are authentically and measuring our actions against the feeling of inner integrity, we will naturally find the way toward our purpose.

In case you haven’t picked this up from my past posts, I’m all about questioning.  Always asking more questions of yourself and of the world.

There is no one right answer in life (a concept my brain has had a very hard time wrapping around).  Our lives are so beautifully unique that no one can answer these questions for us.

No one can ask these questions or do the work for us, but it is so unbelievably necessary to do the work and ask the questions of ourselves to learn to stand for ourselves and our voice and our needs and wants. To stand for ourselves in the face of adversity and tough times. To not back down because we know, that we are in alignment with who we are at our deepest most true self.

There is no wrong path when we follow our heart, our authenticity, our integrity, our values and our purpose.

When we stay aligned to ourselves, we can take no wrong step.

So take some time, do the inner work, learn to ask yourself questions and challenge the comfortable state you may be in, because this is where the magic happens.

Add these words into your vocabulary and let me know how it goes!


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