Are you really living?

I’m going to go big and philosophical on you right now, stay with me (keeping in mind I am not a philosopher, so this is not a technical question).

Are you really living?

You can notice right now that you have a body, you are breathing, you woke up this morning and somehow followed the interwebs to this page.

So the quick and seemingly easy answer is, yes- you are alive, but this isn’t the actual question is it?

Being physically alive and living are not quite the same thing. You can be alive without living, however you cannot live without being alive.

There is a certain amount of “awake-ness” in actually living that many people  never experience. Myself, I can say I just woke up a few months ago, but even for me, I don’t stay awake each and every moment, though I aspire to do so.

I know we already acknowledged that you physically woke up this morning, this again is a very different type of awake, and once again living, that we are talking about.

So coming back, what in the heck am I actually saying right now?

Let me try to explain metaphorically, I don’t know about you, but this always seems to drive the point home for me.

Think about the last breath you took, did you even notice? Or was it so unconsciously run by your natural body rhythm that it didn’t even register?

Now, take a deep breath.  Pay attention to the air passing through your nostrils, to your lungs filling up and your chest and lungs expanding.  Hold it for just a moment. Then let it out, again noticing how your chest falls and your lungs go down.

See the difference?  You paid attention the second time, you were aware and consciously in control.

If you think back to the last 24 hours, how did you experience most of your time?  Were you going through the motions or did you LIVE?

The more moments we are truly awake and in the moment, the more we live.  The more we live, the more rich and full our life becomes and the less we are controlled by the past and the future.  We merely enjoy the NOW.  This exact moment being perfect in it’s existence.

Can you guess what I’m going to say next?

It’s a practice.

One moment at a time we can cultivate true living and switching off the autopilot that tends to take over many moments of our lives.

This lesson ties deeply into Mindfulness, Being and Authenticity.  It ties into Self Love and Spirituality. All the things I’ve brought to you, and many I hope to share in the future, have to do with really Living.

Take some time today to really pay attention.  Notice the things around you, notice your thoughts (without judgement), notice the wind and the sun on your face.  How does it feel, sound, and taste?

I’ll leave you to ponder with these words by Oscar Wilde.

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”
Oscar Wilde


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