Headshot Circle

A story from my own human happenings

My name is Sandy and in case it wasn't clear, I’m a human too!

I spent a good majority of my life attempting to do everything perfectly. Get the perfect grades, to go to the perfect school, to land the PERFECT job. Along the way, weighing every option and choice through the lens of deciding what the exact perfect choices would be. Usually for the sake of pleasing other people, how would this look? Would I be accepted? etc..

While outwardly, this tended to make life look pretty good (I was once given the nickname “Perfect” by a well-intentioned friend, though honestly, this just allowed me to create more pressure for myself) in the seeming to have it all "put together' kind of way, inside it was a COMPLETELY different story.

After graduating from college and landing a job in the Tech industry in Silicon Valley, I thought I had life figured out. I climbed ranks, made great money, and yet inwardly I was quite miserable, eventually even clinically diagnosed with depression and put on medication.

It took a great deal of dedication and personal development to turn my mental and emotional state around and take a good long look at who I truly wanted to be and what I wanted to do. Finding myself wanting to become a Life Coach after working with one myself.

While I have loved every moment of this change of pace, I have also realized that life is full of ups and downs.

And this is where Human Happens was born.

Because while I may be loving my life and work, I too have my moments of fear and doubt, right along with the celebrations and immense gratitude for the life I am constantly creating for myself.

My hope for my work and for the Human Happens movement is to emphasize the fact that we are ALWAYS growing and changing. We are always making decisions, some better than others, and it is up to us to decide how we carry ourselves through our life.

Often times, we are living our life for the outward appearance and wondering why things feel off (even when things “seem” great in the eyes of others). Typically this means we are feeling a lack of congruence between our outer and inner worlds.

Bringing these two worlds together is a journey - a beautiful, messy, amazing journey.

Are you ready to embrace ALL of your human-ness? 

On the other side is freedom like you wouldn't believe!

You in?