Patience is not my virtue…


PatiencePatience is not my virtue… but I sure wish it was.

We live in a time where everything is at our fingertips instantaneously.

We can order anything delivered to us, some things electronic and delivered that very second, other things taking a few hours.

We send text messages and instant messages, have more emails pop up each moment than we can reply to, and scroll through each other’s lives as anonymous bystanders, constantly staying up to date.

All in all, we don’t have to wait long for many things.

At least not many things that count.

Real connections take time.  Solid relationships require us to put in the effort, to share what’s really going on in our hearts and our heads.

To be vulnerable and open.

To bring light to the parts of us that are not always so bright and shiny.

To move past our fear of “what if I’m not enough?”

“What if they don’t like what they see?”

Real connection takes time.

Time to be nurtured in order to grow and blossom into something strong.

Time to build trust.  To learn about each other.

Time to Love.

And we don’t have any patience for that.

Because we want it NOW as we’ve been trained to expect.

Because time compounds the fear and the fear makes us want to run.

We’ve done that far too many times though, haven’t we?

We don’t want to run anymore, it’s exhausting, isn’t it?

We want to be open and vulnerable and patient. We crave it at times.

And these things require us to give time a chance and tell fear and worry and doubt to take a hike.

Time has a funny way of shaping us though.

At one moment, we think we see clearly what we want and need, and we focus all this attention on to it. We get wrapped up in our attachment to the outcome we have pictured and to the timeline in our heads.

Then, time passes and the hold that those intensely focused emotions had on us begin to lessen.  We can start to breathe again. We can start to consider and evaluate. We begin to see through our minds AND our hearts.

We begin to decide what it is that we really want for OURSELVES, funny how we forget sometimes that there are two sides to any coin, two parties in any relationship. Sometimes we forget ourselves for fear of losing or never having the other.

Patience is not my virtue…


I hear the best things in life are worth the wait and that everything we’ve ever wanted is waiting on the other side of fear.

Will you sit here with me awhile?  We can be patient together.



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