Inner Salvation

Today’s quote is so powerful it is hard to put into words the meanings behind it, as it practically speaks for itself.

By now however, you know that is not my style, so let’s take a deep dive into the words of Banani Ray.

“No one and nothing outside of you can give you salvation, or free you from the misery. You have to light your own lamp. You have to know the miniature universe that you yourself are.”
Banani Ray, Awakening Inner Guru

As we talked about in yesterday’s post, A Lesson on Self Love, there is much seeking in life. Usually seeking for the external validation of worthiness or wholeness or accomplishment.  We search and search, occasionally getting the pat on the back we had hoped for, but often the moment is fleeting and we go back to our seeking.

This pattern continues and as we get older, it is no wonder that many of us lose the ability to self soothe and self validate and self love.

What really happens when we continue to look outward is we take our internal power, our strength, our energy, and all the other things we hold dearest, we put them in a box and give the keys to someone, and often everyone, else.

This place of always seeking drives us in a constant cycle of fear and uncertainty.  We wonder, “where did did my happiness go?”  “What next thing will bring back my power?” “What thing can I buy to fix the situation?”

There are so many questions we ask ourselves on any given day.  And 9 times out of ten, the answer is already within reach, we just have to look inside.

This of course is where fear and doubt get in our way.  They tells us “I’m not worthy of true happiness”  “I’m too damaged to succeed”  “I’m this” and “I’m not that.”

The more times these voices come up, the farther and farther away we get from that box of all things we hold dear.

We think we are missing all these things that will bring us happiness/fulfillment/success/etc. but in reality, as Ray says, You have to light your own lamp.  Only then will you understand your own power.

The answer to all the tough questions lies beyond the evil little voice saying nasty things. So how do we get past that voice to the goodness within?

The first step is awareness. Acknowledging the voice takes away it’s power, believing it fuels it.

The more awareness we can bring into any given day/hour/moment the more we can recognize the voices, recognize our hang ups and begin to understand the meaning.  Once we do that, it is only a matter of time that we start to talk back and challenge the nasty voices. Challenging them in positive, uplifting ways.

This allows us to take back the power of our own lives, and be our own salvation.

Take a deep breath, and think about the voices you hear. Which ones need to be shut down? Which ones will lead you to your answers?


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