4 Signs your ready to take a leap of faith


This past week was week was Leap of Faith week for me!

I decided about a month ago that I was going to leave my job and I’ve finally done it!Now every logical bone in my body, a good chunk of my support system and the general “how to become a coach” suggestions, all pointed in the opposite direction.

The suggestions were all:

“Keep your day job while you build your business.”

“Don’t leave your steady paycheck quite yet.”

“Learn your trade and then start your business.”

Fun fact, I didn’t want to!

So I followed my heart. I quit my full time job.  I left the paycheck behind.

And you know what? Not only did the world NOT end, but I feel nothing but peace about this decision that I’ve just made.

Is it time for you to take your own leap of faith?  Here are some signs it might be time.

Your internal dialogue keeps asking “what am I doing?”

I love to talk about questions.  I equate the questioning phase of our lives with waking up and opening our eyes.

When we start to question our lives, and ask ourselves Why this?  What next? If not now, when? we start finding out more about ourselves, what we really want and how we are going to get there.

This is awareness, this is realizing it’s time to change and maybe even ask for help.

One way or another, once one question comes up, more are sure to come!

You’re scared and yet there is a peace about the change

Fear and doubt are a normal and very natural part of change, otherwise we would never have the motivation to do anything differently.

While a certain amount of fear and doubt is natural, what’s important is having the courage to push past that fear and make a change.

When it’s time to make a leap of faith, the fear and doubt will naturally quiet down.  They won’t disappear completely (they actually exist to help us), however they will take a backseat to a serene sense of peace.

You may not quite recognize it at first. The stillness and quiet in your mind where once there was anxious chatter.

The mere presence of that peace is a sign for you.

You can see, feel and breathe the change in your mind’s eye

When you think about the change you want to make (new career, new business, new house, new relationship, etc.) the images are so vivid, and so unshakable, it may be like you are already there.

The more you can call up the feelings in your body and your emotions, chances are it’s time to start moving forward.

When you are so connected to the future that you can quite literally taste it, see it, feel it, and believe it, the Universe will begin to respond.

Suddenly the stars will begin to align, opportunities will appear and all you have to do next, is LEAP.

Your back up plan even seems preferred to your current reality

No matter how right your leap feels, having a back up plan is always prudent.

Knowing your worst case scenario and having a plan to combat that will make you feel all the better about the decision you are about to make.

During this process, you’ll start thinking about all kinds of What If’s and plans to go along with them.

If you start realizing that the worst case scenario and the appropriate plan to go along with it sounds better than your current reality, it is DEFINITELY a sign to leap!\

What are you working through?  What leap of faith might be waiting in your near future?

You’ve survived 100% of the days up until now, the odds are good you’ll survive this too.

It is scary, I won’t lie, but the risk will be worth it!

What’s the worst that could happen?pexels-photo-29254-large

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  1. BharathBharath on October 22, 2016 at 7:22 am

    I have to agree. Fears only hold us back, and we need to follow our bliss (quoting Joseph Campbell). Best wishes – am sure the future is even brighter!

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