4 Reasons to Celebrate more Often


This is a subject that is near and dear to my heart. I’ve been intending to write it for quite some time, but as you may have noticed, this month I have been a bit… absent.

Energetically, I’ve been spreading myself a bit thin.  With that, I’m going to celebrate writing this piece today!

The types of celebration I’m talking about doesn’t require balloons or grand parties.  You don’t need to plan ahead or send out an RSVP.  

This type of celebration is a high five to yourself, it is noticing that you have done something as best you can and ACKNOWLEDGING that fact.

The key here is acknowledgment.  All you have to do is bring light to the fact that you have done something well.

That’s it.

It may sound simple, but often we forget to remind pay attention to the good things we have done.  Instead, we point out the thousands of things we forgot to do, didn’t get around to, never started or didn’t do very well.

Don’t be too hard on yourself about it.  As always, this takes practice and conscious effort. It takes time.

Without further ado, here are your 4 reasons to celebrate even the little things in life.

Reason #1- The brain is hardwired to focus on the negative

Have you ever heard of the Negative Bias?  There are countless studies that explain it, but I’ll let you do your own research, starting with this article by Psychology Today.

The negative bias is the reason you can recall a single criticism someone told you 10 years ago about your art, but not the positive aspects of your last job review.

Genetically, this bias is probably meant to keep us out of harms way.  Our ancestors needed to remember the things that brought them into danger much more than what made them happy.

Unfortunately, this is no longer serving us.

Today, this means that our brains are sorting through every experience in our lives and picking out the negatives at a much higher frequency than anything else.

So why celebrate?

As I mentioned above, we must train our brain to look for the positives in our lives. Celebrating is a great way to do this.  Begin to notice each day what went well, even the simple things.

Over time, this will rewire your brain to focus on the positives.

Similar to counting your gratitudes, it is all about acknowledging and consciously choosing what you want to focus your thoughts and feelings on, rather then letting your brain run away with you.


Reason #2- Some days “doing your best” means brushing your teeth

Do you ever have days  or weeks or months where getting out of bed is difficult?  Maybe days where getting out of bed and dressing is all that seems manageable?

We all have these times.  Especially those of us who battle with mental illnesses.

On those days, it is important to see that we can accomplish SOMETHING.

This is where celebrating comes into play.

I know it may sound silly, but this morning, I honestly celebrated putting on real clothes in stead of staying in my pajamas.

Today, this was what I could accomplish.  And that is OK.

Reason #3- To motivate yourself

On days like above, celebrating is a great tool to help motivate yourself.

By celebrating something, the day does not feel quite so useless.

By making little milestones and celebrating them on the toughest of days, you can begin to take little steps up out of the fog.

Today, my to do list included:

  • Write this article
  • Take a nap
  • Schedule a doctors appointment

You had better believe I have been celebrating each of these steps, because today has been a tough one (for reference, I took a 36 hour business trip to Texas from California).

Reason #4- To see how much you DO accomplish

Once you have motivated yourself, you can begin to see how much you actually do accomplish on any given day/week/month even when it doesn’t seem like it.

When you write down and begin to see how much you get done, and acknowledge it to yourself, I’m willing to bet you will notice you have done much more than you originally thought.

Writing things down brings light to them. It helps you see and acknowledge your accomplishments.

Sometimes it seems silly to write down and celebrate “I brushed my teeth,” but if you write down Self Care at the top of your list and then all the things you have done such as brushing your teeth.

This is for you, so celebrate in a way that feels right for you.  You will never do any of the practices I talk about unless they resonate with you in some way.

As I mentioned, this is very close to my heart. I love to celebrate and I begin each of my coaching calls with a few celebrations over the last month.  It brings in energy and positivity and starts each session out on a high note.

Take some time for yourself each day or after you have done something for yourself that moved you forward to acknowledge what you have done.

Some days, your celebrating big milestones and some days your not. Know that this is the ebb and flow of life. Often, the little moments are what really keep us going.  After all, life is built up of many more ordinary, everyday moments than huge and exciting moments.

Tell me what your’re celebrating today, I’d love to hear from you!



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