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2016 In a word: Whoa.

With today being New Year’s Eve, it seems appropriate to review. To reflect. To decide what to take with me into the new year, and what can be left behind. What lessons did I learn that are important?  What beliefs are no longer supporting me? Because there are many.  

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Goal Setting Exercise- Just in time for the New Year!

[vimeo 197475215 w=640 h=360] Just in time for the new year, are you setting goals?  Are you ready to set goals that will keep you motivated and open up the possibilities you have in front of you? I’ll be talking much MUCH more about goal setting and even how to replace goals in the new…

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Today could have been my last

I am not trying to be overly dramatic Today, as any day has the potential to, could have gone very differently. It did however solidify my belief that Faith, whatever it means to you, is more important than proof. The knowing, without knowing how.  The belief in what we cannot see.  The feelings in our…

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