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On a personal note…

I don’t have any lesson or practices for you tonight, I just have my heart. I have no wise words of wisdom, I just have a story. If no one were to read this post, that would be just as wonderful as if the world saw my words tonight. Because this one is for me.

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Announcement Time!

As promised, I have some exciting updates to share with you today. I may have just left my job last week, but I have been busy coming up with new content for you, my friends! A good friend of mine helped me shoot these awesome videos to OFFICIALLY launch my coaching business. I hope you…

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Follow Up: 3 Words to add into your Vocabulary

My last post Please remove these words from your vocabulary was a bit of a rant about some words we use far too frequently without thinking about the implications or the damage we may cause others. As a result, I asked for some words to be removed from your vocabulary: crazy, emotional, psycho. It seems only fair…

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