2016 In a word: Whoa.


With today being New Year’s Eve, it seems appropriate to review.

To reflect.

To decide what to take with me into the new year, and what can be left behind.

What lessons did I learn that are important?  What beliefs are no longer supporting me? Because there are many.  This year was messy.

And beautiful.

And chaotic and miraculous.

It was painful and it was a blessing.

It was a stretch from a place of familiarity to crazy leaps outside of my comfort zone.

This year changed my life forever.

This year I released an entire identity I had held on to for more years than I cared to count.

This year I welcomed people into my life and I began to choose my circle of influence more carefully.

I opened myself up to love and vulnerability, and I was hurt, but I wouldn’t change the experience for anything.

This year I learned that being vulnerable is a sign of strength and not a sign of weakness.

This year I learned that the scariest thing to do is to simply be yourself, and it is the most freeing, beautiful and amazing feeling in the world (scariness and all).


This year I decided to take charge and let go.

This year I found Faith.

Faith in myself. Faith in the Unknown. Faith in a future that is bigger than me.

This year I battled against my feelings of unworthiness and not enough-ness.

This year I made mistakes.  And I learned from them.

This year I was scared absolutely shitless and I chose to move forward anyway.

This year I didn’t hold myself back.

This year, I found myself.

I chose myself.

And I gave myself permission to be Happy.

This year has been incredible.

And I am ready to let it go.

I am ready to let this year go with love and gratitude.

I am ready to release fear of the future, doubt in my abilities, and the need for proof.

I am ready to leave behind negativity and judgment.

I am ready to say goodbye to attachments and holds on things I cannot control.


What did this year teach you?

Show you?

What did you learn about yourself?

What did you learn about yourself that maybe isn’t quite so pretty?

Every moment is a choice.

Choose this upcoming year to do something different.

Love with abandon.

Forgive without the need to be right.

Say something that has been on your mind.

Do something you’re scared to do.

Be the person you are when you let go of fear and guilt and doubt.

Choose to make the most of every moment.

I dare you.

My motto for 2017 is this:  I CAN and I WILL.

What is yours?




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